How to waterproof your hammock

Whenever we get asked about how to waterproof a hammock we only ever have to give a one word answer "Nikwax".

With the weather now taking a turn for the colder and wetter we wanted to give you the best advice on how to keep your hammocks in tip-top condition.

As with any product that has water resistant properties from the start, over time these fad (think tents or coats). well the same thing applies to hammocks. With the need arising for waterproofing to be applied to keep these in the best possible condition.

We recommend our range of Nitwax Hammmock Waterproofing products, these are easy to use and will add to the lifetime of your hammock.

The easy to use, safe, high performance, wash in waterproofing you can waterproof any of our hammocks (cotton, silk, canvas, poilycotton or elltex) with this wash-in waterproofing. You can use it in a washing machine or hand wash, which is useful as many of our hammocks are hand wash only.

PLEASE NOTE:This treatment does not make your hammock water resistant, water will bead off the hammock once treated but if you leave it outside for a prolonged period of wet weather eventually the water will penetrate the fabric

  • Easy to apply - wash-in, brush-on or spray-on 
  • Treated items dry remarkably fast 
  • Lasts several washings
  • Prolongs the life of your hammock
  • Leave your hammock outdoors for longer

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