How High Do You Hang a Hammock? 

When you hang a hammock, there is a height element to consider. You want it to be high enough off of the ground to prevent your body from touching it, but if it is installed with too much height, you may find it challenging to enjoy the product. Most hammocks are hung at the height of 4 feet above ground level. At this height, it becomes possible to get the dip that you want with the hammock without compromising how you get into or out of it.  If you are not sure that you have hung the hammock at the correct height, then you can measure the space from the bottom point where it sags to the ground. There should be between 40 to 50 centimeters of space. 


Hanging Distance Rules to Consider with Hammocks 

If your hammock has a spreader bar, then you can almost guarantee that the curvature of your installation will be correct if you follow the proper height guidelines. When you own a hammock without a spreader bar, then you will need about 2 feet of length more than what is available in your product for your hanging length. That will give you the best combination of curvature and support so that you can lie at the correct angle. It isn’t an exact science. Some people prefer a little more support, while others like to have more of an upright angle when they use one. As long as you remember to keep the height requirements in mind, you will have a successful experience! 

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