How to Hang a Hammock Correctly

Although it doesn’t seem like it would be a challenging task, if you don’t hang a hammock correctly, then it will increase your risk of an adverse event. A hammock which is hung incorrectly can fall. If you’re in it at the time, then you could be hurt. That’s why knowing how to attach one properly will help you to achieve the results you want.


Try to Form a 30-Degree Incline with Your Hammock

A flat hammock creates an uncomfortable user experience. It can also be challenging to get into or out of one without the correct incline. Try to create a 30-degree angle for your upper body when hanging your hammock to encourage more relaxation. If that seems too steep for your comfort levels, then shoot for somewhere between 10-30 degrees for the best results. You can achieve this angle by placing the height of your hammock 75 centimetres or less above the floor.

Use the Correct Weight Supports

If your hammock hangers are not designed to support your maximum weight, then there is still the possibility of an injury. Think about who might pile into the hammock with you. Then add another 50 pounds on top of that to ensure that you aren’t underestimating the outcome. Secure it to your selected supports in a way that supports the maximum weight potential. If you install an indoor hammock, then use a stud finder to make sure that you affix your attachment points into a sturdy foundation. Attaching it to your drywall only could damage your home or cause you to fall. Hanging a hammock correctly will allow you to enjoy numerous benefits. Find the best style to meet your needs, and then have some fun relaxing like never before.

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