Try this guide to hanging your hammocks!

How to hang a hammock – a Cool Hammocks Guide intended to save you time and effort in choosing where and how to hang your hammock! Think of this as a handy guide to save you time and above all embarrassment if you hammock is not hung right and you end up flat on your back! 

Where to hang your hammock

Hammocks are so popular because they can be hung in so many places. If you haven’t got the perfect pair of palm trees just crying out for a hammock, there are plenty of other options.

First off, you need to decide what type of hammock you want, and how you will mostly be using it. Different hammocks offer different levels of support and visibility so make sure you work out what your relaxation priorities are before you buy.

For example, you might want your hammock to help you hide away from the world, or you might want the perfect spot to hang out while you keep an eye on the kids playing in the garden. Whatever your needs, there’s a hammock out there for you.

Our hammocks come with hanging instructions so all you really need to do is locate the perfect spot that is just right for you.

How to hang a hammock

Height and hanging distance

Ideally, you want to achieve a nice lose arc when you have hung your hammock but before you climb in. For most people, this is achieved by hanging your hammock at around 1.8m (6ft) in height.

Hammocks with spreader bars

Because spreader bar hammocks keep a relatively more rigid shape, the recommended hanging height is 1.2m – 1.5m (4-5ft).

The distance between your fixing points should be the same as the length of your hammock but remember, you can always adjust it a little using the hammock’s own hanging ropes, adding additional rope, or positioning the hammock diagonally between fixing points.

From experience, we recommend a maximum of 1m additional hanging length to keep your hammock nice and stable and reduce the tipping factor. This should be added equally to either side of your hammock to maximise your comfort.

How to hang a hammock

Hammocks without spreader bars

Hammocks without spreader bars are slightly more flexible in how they can be hung and produce more of a cocoon effect.

We recommend a hanging height of between 1.8m – 2.4m (6-8ft), and a hanging distance of around two thirds the length of your hammock.

Hammocks without spreader bars are designed to hang with a little more ‘give’ than those with spreader bars, this makes the possibilities for hanging slightly more flexible as well.

Ideal hammock hanging surfaces

To achieve the perfect balance of rest and relaxation you need to find a spot that is just right for hanging your hammock. Ideally, a balance of light and shade and an area that isn’t too exposed, nor too secluded maximises potential hammock- time.

Have a look around your outdoor area and try to identify any possible anchor points such as sturdy tree branches, hard-standing garden furniture like fence posts, or even buildings. 

If you don’t have anything that naturally lends itself to hanging your hammock, you might consider sinking a concrete post.

An easier alternative is to invest in a hammock stand. You can opt for a rigid wooden stand, or a portable, metal stand that can be packed away.

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