How to hang a hanging chair

The number one priority when it comes to hanging your brand new hanging chair, is finding the perfect spot.

What you’re after is rest, relaxation, and tranquillity. You might already have an idea, but if not, have a wonder around your garden and look out for potential trees, a patio area, or a quiet and serene nook hidden away from the rest of the world.

If you can’t find anything suitable from which to hang your hammock chair, try a hanging chair stand that you can erect almost anywhere.

Where to hang your hanging chair?

Just like Goldilocks, if you want to hang your hanging chair outside, you need to find a spot that is just right. Ideally, a balance of light and shade and an area that isn’t too exposed, nor too secluded maximises potential hanging-time.

Have a look around your outdoor area and try to identify any possible anchor points such as sturdy tree branches, hard-standing garden furniture like fence posts or gazebos.

Best methods for hanging a hanging chair

There are three main methods of hanging a hanging chair: with power tools, without power tools, and a hanging chair stand.

With power tools

Drill a hole into a solid ceiling joist, screw in the correct hanging chair hanging hook for weight, or a hanging chair swivel hook. Finally, securely fasten the eye of the hanging chair to a carabiner and get ready for a seriously comfy hanging chair experience.

Without power tools

First off, find a sturdy, solid beam, or tree branch. Then secure your hanging chair with a knot around the beam, and attached to the chair’s eye. Make sure you use a good quality rope that can safely support at least 450kgs.

Hanging chair stands

If you need extra reassurance and peace of mind, it might be worth considering a hanging chair stand. These can often be packed away when your chair is not in use, and they do give you plenty of more flexible hanging chair options.

Helpful reminders

It’s vital to remember that a hanging chair is only as strong as its weakest point! Never attach a hanging chair to anything rotten and always make sure you check your chair each time you use it if you decide to leave it in position over the summer.