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Hammock Stands

Wooden and Metal Hammock Stands to fit all sizes

Our hammock stands have been carefully designed so they can be left outside to withstand all weather. With either metal or wood to choose from, you can pick the perfect style stand for your garden. These allow you to position you hammock where the sun shines brightest place to hang your hammock and add some style to your garden.

See our handy size guide below to get started, depending on the length of you hammock (measure the full length, eye hole to eye hole).

Hammock Stand Sizes

Apollo (Wooden Stand)250-330 cmSumo Rockstone  (Metal Stand)270-320 cm
Kronos (Wooden Stand)270-320 cmSumo Grande (Metal Stand)330-360 cm
Olymp (Wooden Stand)300-360 cm
Arcus (Wooden Stand)340-420cm
Troja (Wooden Stand)340-420cm