benefits of resting in a hammock

How to improve your sleep in 2019

In 2019 so many of us are looking for new ways to feel better in our everyday lives. Sleep is one thing that affects us all, a bad nights sleep can equal poor productivity the next day as well as low moods and generally feeling unwell. The NHS advise that we can get seriously ill […]

4 Must Have Festival Essentials

One of the many things the UK does well is putting on a great festival. Each summer swarms of us head towards a festival or multiple in aid of an escape from reality and a chance to enjoy fantastic music, time with friends and the ultimate down time. Whether you’re visiting a huge festival such […]

Hammock friendly campsites in the UK

Camping is one of the best things you can do outdoors, especially in campsites where you’re provided the ultimate freedom, all around the UK there is campsites dotted around. However, not all of them allow hammocks, so today we’ve created round up complied of the best hammock friendly campsites in the UK for you, so […]

How to hang a hammock

How to hang a hammock

Try this guide to hanging your hammocks! How to hang a hammock – a Cool Hammocks Guide intended to save you time and effort in choosing where and how to hang your hammock! Think of this as a handy guide to save you time and above all embarrassment if you hammock is not hung right […]

Silk Traveller Camping Hammock

How High Do You Hang a Hammock?

How High Do You Hang a Hammock?  When you hang a hammock, there is a height element to consider. You want it to be high enough off of the ground to prevent your body from touching it, but if it is installed with too much height, you may find it challenging to enjoy the product. Most […]

Tahiti Single Hammock

How Much Should I Pay for a Hammock?

How Much Should I Pay for a Hammock? When you own the best possible hammock for your needs, then you can relax anywhere. There is no other experience quite like it on our plant today. The first question most people have when they first start thinking about the benefits of a hammock is this: how […]

Hang My New Hammock

Where Should I Hang My New Hammock?

Congratulations! You just purchased one of the most comfortable ways to rest that has ever been invented. Now, where are you going to hang it? Here are some options for you to consider. #1. Hang indoor hammocks near a window. The sunshine that comes through your windows is the perfect place to hang a hammock. […]


Measuring Hammocks

How Do You Measure a Hammock? What size do I need? Cool Hammocks has put together this helpful guide on measuring Hammocks so you can take the guess work out of it! How Do You Measure a Hammock? If you want to select the perfect hammock for your home or property today, then knowing how […]


How To Hang a Hanging Chair

How do you hang a hanging chair? What is the correct height for a hanging chair? Don’t worry Cool Hammocks is here with all these answers and more in our blog post – How to hang a hanging chair!  What is the Correct Height for a Hanging Chair? There isn’t a generic answer to offer […]

Silk Traveller Camping Hammock

Interesting Facts About Hammocks

The humble hammock has been around for centuries but what do we actually know about them? Where do they originate from? Why do I sleep better in a hammock?  Well we have picked our top interesting facts about hammocks and have put them all in one place here for your perusal!  Who invented the hammock?  […]