4 Must Have Festival Essentials

One of the many things the UK does well is putting on a great festival. Each summer swarms of us head towards a festival or multiple in aid of an escape from reality and a chance to enjoy fantastic music, time with friends and the ultimate down time. Whether you’re visiting a huge festival such […]

Silk Traveller Camping Hammock

How High Do You Hang a Hammock?

How High Do You Hang a Hammock?  When you hang a hammock, there is a height element to consider. You want it to be high enough off of the ground to prevent your body from touching it, but if it is installed with too much height, you may find it challenging to enjoy the product. Most […]


Measuring Hammocks

How Do You Measure a Hammock? What size do I need? Cool Hammocks has put together this helpful guide on measuring Hammocks so you can take the guess work out of it! How Do You Measure a Hammock? If you want to select the perfect hammock for your home or property today, then knowing how […]


How Long Will My New Hammock Last?

Today’s hammocks are more durable than ever before. You will find that some products are rated to last for 20+ years with proper care and maintenance.The actual lifespan of your new hammock depends on a variety of factors. The maintenance, climate, and care that you give it will go a long way toward a strong […]


Hammock Material Differences

Differences Between Cotton, Polyester, and Synthetic Hammock Materials When you start shopping for a hammock, then you will find three primary materials to consider: cotton, polyester, or other synthetics. If you look at a canvas hammock, then this material is usually made from cotton to create a durable layer of protection. Many synthetics have a […]


How to Hang a Hammock Correctly

How to Hang a Hammock Correctly Although it doesn’t seem like it would be a challenging task, if you don’t hang a hammock correctly, then it will increase your risk of an adverse event. A hammock which is hung incorrectly can fall. If you’re in it at the time, then you could be hurt. That’s […]