How to hang a hammock

How to hang a hammock

Try this guide to hanging your hammocks! How to hang a hammock – a Cool Hammocks Guide intended to save you time and effort in choosing where and how to hang your hammock! Think of this as a handy guide to save you time and above all embarrassment if you hammock is not hung right […]

Tahiti Single Hammock

How Much Should I Pay for a Hammock?

How Much Should I Pay for a Hammock? When you own the best possible hammock for your needs, then you can relax anywhere. There is no other experience quite like it on our plant today. The first question most people have when they first start thinking about the benefits of a hammock is this: how […]

Hang My New Hammock

Where Should I Hang My New Hammock?

Congratulations! You just purchased one of the most comfortable ways to rest that has ever been invented. Now, where are you going to hang it? Here are some options for you to consider. #1. Hang indoor hammocks near a window. The sunshine that comes through your windows is the perfect place to hang a hammock. […]

Silk Traveller Camping Hammock

Interesting Facts About Hammocks

The humble hammock has been around for centuries but what do we actually know about them? Where do they originate from? Why do I sleep better in a hammock?  Well we have picked our top interesting facts about hammocks and have put them all in one place here for your perusal!  Who invented the hammock?  […]

Hammock Bottoming out

Hammock Bottoming Out

How to Fix an Issue with a Hammock Bottoming Out Hammocks will eventually stretch out some over time. Some models may extend their length by up to two feet, depending on the age and composition of the product and how often it is used. If given enough time, a correctly-hung hammock can one day have […]

Best Types of Hammocks

Best Types of Hammocks to Try – Top 5

There are currently five primary hammock designs which you can find right now. Each offers specific advantages which are worth considering. So here are the best types of hammocks to try! #1. Brazilian Hammocks This option is perfect if you live in a colder climate. It features a thick weave that blocks the air, ensuring […]


History of Hammocks

The first hammocks came from Latin America over 1,000 years ago. It would eventually become the most common way for people to sleep in the 11th century because it was easy to make, comfortable, and could protect people from the venomous creatures on the ground. Some early users of hammocks even discovered that their bed […]


Pros and Cons of Rope Hammocks

If you have enjoyed some time at a seaside resort, then there is an excellent chance that you saw a rope hammock swinging in the breeze. You may have thought, “That is something I should have at my home.” Because there are multiple styles of hammocks available today, you might be wondering if a rope-based […]

benefits of resting in a hammock

Benefits of Resting in a Hammock

Spending some time in a hammock can offer you access to a peaceful retreat from the world. Being suspended above the grass, beach, or another landscape with the wind blowing gently is one of the best experiences in the world. There are several benefits to consider if you’re thinking about owning a hammock. Here is […]