Why Cool Hammocks Support One Tree Planted

Here at Cool Hammocks, we love to make a difference, so that is why we are going to be supporting One Tree Planted, the company that plants trees in order to make it simple for anyone who wants to help the environment by planting trees. Did you know that trees are amazing for our mental health as well as physical health? Those who have a hospital room facing trees are likely to recover more quickly, cool right? Oh, and of course we need trees for our Hammocks, so why not support a charity who plants them.  We hope to be able to keep planting trees and helping not only ourselves but the wildlife and those who will plant them.

So who are One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted are a non-profit organisation who plant trees, one dollar = one tree. The charity works to pool donations to then pass to their reforestation partners to be able to replant the trees, the trees usually have an 80-90% of survival. Dependant on the area where they’re being planted will depend on the tree, the local community will also be able to help with this project. One Tree Planted love to help the environment as well as the communities surrounding the trees, so as a company this is a fantastic way to be able to support this.

Why trees?

Trees are more important for the earth than most realise, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air we exhale, and trees help to control and trap the greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Not only are they great for the environment, but the complexity and natural beauty of a tree are often overlooked, not to mention we need trees for hammocks! They are traditionally used to attach hammocks to, seen in a wild variety of eras in history and different cultures. Climate Change is a real issue and it’s difficult for humanity to tackle as there are many complications surrounding the issue, however as people if we all get together and do our own part we can help. This could be any way such as recycling, turning off electrical appliances, or caring for plant life.

One of the main threats to trees is man-made deforestation, in 50 years humans have destroyed around 17% of the Amazonian rainforest, this is a huge decrease in rainforests the imposed risk of losing all forest on each in the future seems all that more likely. Logging is one of the biggest causes of man-made deforestation, timber companies cut down trees for furniture and the remains of the cut-down trees are often left. Other human damages to wildlife include oil extracting, mining, and land for cattle. Since climate change has escalated in recent years, wildfires have become increasingly more common in parts of the world and this another reason that mass forestry can be destroyed within hours which has devastating effects on both wildlife and communities

Deforestation means the world will have damaged eco-systems, lose wildlife, and contribute further to climate change. One Tree Planted is combating deforestation by planting trees in many different countries such as North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. One Tree Planted will plant trees during rainy seasons in these countries, to ensure proper growth and safety of tree growth; One Tree Planted aim to have all trees survive. Imagine a world with no wildlife or natural beauty, we would have nowhere to have camping trips or sites to hang up hammocks at.

Why should we replant trees?

Well, there are many different answers to this question.  Replanting trees will help to regenerate ecosystems, restore wildlife habitation, and bring jobs and bring communities together in impoverished areas where there are not many opportunities for work. All these factors combined help to create a positive world and a better environment for future generations on this earth.

How Cool Hammocks is going to help:

Through Cool Hammocks, every purchase on a Hammock will replant one tree though One Tree Planted. Not only will you receive a great hammock, but you will also help to contribute towards the earth’s future by planting a tree to help combat climate change. The trees that will be replanted into the earth will enable wildlife to have new habitats such as nesting birds or vegetation for herbivore species.

At Cool Hammocks, it is our goal to plant as many new trees as we possibly can and we want to do everything we can to replant trees and help the environment. So, when you go to buy your hammock, remember that your purchase will go towards planting a new tree somewhere in the world.